• The objective of the R&B Circle Eluru is to maintain all the (R&B) roads in traffic worthy condition with Three Divisions at Bhimavaram, Eluru and Kovvuru with Ten Sub Divisions and with Thirty One Sections as mentioned below.
  • Taking up patch work, strengthening of Roads & Bridges, erecting and painting of signboards and road marking under various schemes i.e, Periodical maintenance, Special Repairs Programme, Plan, NABARD, RDF, and CRF schemes.
  • The Total Length of (R&B) Roads is25 Kms, including recently taken over P R roads (297.040 Kms).

Works Sanctioned during the Current Year till date Scheme Wise

S.No Year Scheme Total Road length in Km


Amount Rs in Lakhs


No of Bridges Amount Rs in Lakhs Total Amount in Lakhs


2018 -19

MDR PLAN 6.82 800.00 800.00
2 Corenet Non Plan 1.70 213.00 213.00
3 ROB 1.00 20100.00 20100.00
    Total 8.52 1013.00 1.00 20100.00 21113.00



  • Four linens of Gundugolanu – Kovvuru road connecting to New Bridge at Rajahmundry.
  • Widening of Jagannathapuram – Gajjaram road for Rs 570.00 lakhs under SDF scheme and completed.
  • Widening of Dubacherla to Moyyeru is sanctioned for Rs.2400.00 Lakhs under SDF scheme and is in progress.
  • Widening and strengthening of Eluru – Jangareddigudem road from Km 2.000 to 21.000 for Rs 2450.00 lakhs is taken up under Corenet Plan and is in progress.
  • Improvements to road from Gundugolanu to Peddintlammavari  temple (via) Agadalanka from Km 0.000 to 8.000  for Rs 2500.00 lakhs is taken up under  C R F Scheme and is in progress.


  • Widening Bhimadole – Kamavarapukota road, Palakole – Achanta road, Palakole – Doddipatla road, Nidadavole – Yernagudem road and Kodamanchili – Siddantham road  works were taken up and completed under CRF scheme.
  • Constructions of High Level Bridge across Mogadindi drain at 3/2 of road from km. 0.00 of Kalavapudi – Ganapavaram road to Upputeru (Via) Modi including Improvement to road from 0.00 to 3.00 in West Godavari district under NCRMP scheme is completed. Construction of Bridge on Gonteru drain at Km 18/8 of Bhimavaram – Narasapuram road  was sanctioned for Rs 11.75 lakhs under NCRMP scheme and is under progress.
  • Improvements to Marteru – Koderu road, Widening of Narasapuram – Aswaraopeta road from Two  lane to Four lanes  and  Widening and strengthening of Vijayawada – Visakhapatnam road  Widening from Km 113.150 to 115.400 (R/S) Strengthening Km 108.850 to 112.450 &  450 to 118.845(R/S) are taken up under PLAN scheme are  completed. Widening and  Strengthening of   Bhimavaram- Narasapuram Road  from Km  7.200 to 13.400& Widening and Strengthening of   Bhimavaram-Dongapindi  Road  from Km  11.400 to 20.265 are taken up under R R PLAN scheme and  in progress.
  • Improvements to Polavaram – Singanapalli road from km 0.000 to 9.650 and Polavaram Branch road from km 0.000 to 2.695 sanctioned for Rs 510.00 lakhs and Improvements to Polavaram – Koyyalagudem road from Km 24.600 to 32.180 sanctioned for Rs 680.00 lakhs under Plan and are completed.
  • Widening and strengthening of Mogalturu Bhimavaram Road (via) Kalipatnam and Widening and Strengthening of Narsapur – Aswaraopeta road( Drain to Drain) from Km 57.000 to 62.000 (Km 58.200 to 59.100 CC Road) are taken up and completed under Core net Plan scheme.
  • Widening Denduluru – Pangidigudem road is sanctioned under Nabard scheme and work completed.
  • Widening of Kannapuram – Buttaigudem road from Km.0.000 to 10.000 is taken including constructions of bridge is taken up under TSP scheme and work completed.



SLNO Name of  the employee Designation working  location E.mail.ID Mobile No
1 Smt. M.V Nirmala Superintending Engineer R&B Circle Eluru 9440818025
2 Smt. P. Bhavani Dy Executive Engineer R&B Circle Eluru 9440818158
3 Sri. P.B. Ratnam, Executive Engineer (R&B) Division,Eluru 9440818053
4 Sri. D Obula Raju Executive Engineer (R&B) Division,Kovvur 9440818055
5 Sri. P.B. Ratnam, Executive Engineer (R&B) Division, Bhimavaram 9440818054
6 Sri B Ravi Kanth PA to Ececutive Engineer (R&B) Division,Eluru 9491063413
7 Sri I Srinivasa Rao PA to Ececutive Engineer (R&B) Division Bhimavaram 9440818722
8 Sri E G R Naidu PA to Ececutive Engineer (R&B) Division Kovvur 9963813422
9 Sri. K.C.M. Shekar Deputy Executive Engineer (R&B) Sub- Division, No.I,Eluru 9440818300
10 Sri. B. Ramu Deputy Executive Engineer (R&B) Sub- Division, No.II,Eluru 9440818301
11 Sri. G.D. Prabhakara Rao, Deputy Executive Engineer (R&B) Sub- Division,  Jangareddy Gudem 9440818302
12 Sri.I.Devendra raju Deputy Executive Engineer (R&B) Sub-Division No.1,Bhimavaram 9440818303
13 Sri.K.Srinivasa Rao Deputy Executive Engineer (R&B) Sub-Division No.Ii,Bhimavaram 9440818304
14 Sri.B.V.Ramana Deputy Executive Engineer (R&B) Sub-Division,Palakol 9440818305
15 Sri.P.Hari prasad Deputy Executive Engineer (R&B) Sub-Division,Narsapur 9440818306
16 Sri A.Srikanth, Deputy Executive Engineer (R&B) Sub-division, Kovvur 9440818307
17 Sri A.Srinivas , Deputy Executive Engineer (R&B) Sub-division, Tanuku 9440818308
18 G. Edukondalu Deputy Executive Engineer  (R&B) sub-division, Tadepalligudem 9440818309
19 Sri. P.Saisathish, Assistant Engineer , working arrangement basis  (R&B) Section , Eluru 9440818711
20 Sri. M. Sheshu Kumar , Assistant Executive  Engineer , (R&B) Section , Pedapadu   9440818709
21 Smt.G. Lakshmi Sowjanya, Assistant Executive Engineer (R&B) Section , Denduluru 9440818708
22 Sri. J. Bhaskara Ra Assistant Executive Engineer (R&B) Section , Bhimadolu   9440818710
23 Sri. S. Sundhara Rao Assistant  Engineer (R&B) Section , T. Narasapuram   9440818712
24 Sri. D. Balaram Assistant Executive Engineer   as additional Charge (R&B) Section , Pedavag   9440818714
25 Sri. P.Saisathish, Assistant Executive Engineer (R&B) Section , Kamavarapukota   9440818713
26 Sri. B.V. Ramanna Assistant Engineer (R&B) Section , Chinatalapudi   9491063414
27 Vacant Assistant Executive Engineer (R&B) Section , Jangareddy Gudem (R&B) Section , Jangareddy Gudem   9440818715
28 Vacant Assistant Engineer (R&B) Section , Koyyalagudem (R&B) Section , Koyyalagudem   9440818716
29 Vacant Assistant  Executive Engineer (R&B) Section , Polavaram R&B) Section , Polavaram   9440818717
30 Sri.G.V.S.kiran Kumar Assistant  Executive Engineer (R&B) Section,Bhimavaram 9440788881
31 M.Srinivasa yadav.Manne Assistant  Executive Engineer (R&B) Section, Palakoderu 9440768884
32 Sri.K.Sri hari babu Assistant  Executive Engineer (R&B) Section, Undi 6440818719
33 Sri.B.V.S.Varma Assistant Engineer (R&B) Section,Kalla 9440819473
34 Dri.G.Ravi Assistant Executive Engineer (R&B) Section, Palakol 9440818720
35 Sri.D.Ravi babu Assistant Engineer (R&B) Section,Achanta 9440818721
36 Sri.D.V.R.S.S.S.H.S.Murty Assistant Engineer (R&B) Section, Veeravasaram 9490612791
37 Sri.T.Nicky cruz Assistant Executive Engineer (R&B) Section, Narsapur
38 Sri M.Bhanu Kiran Kumar Assistant Executive Engineer (R&B) Section, Kovvur   9440818726
39 Sri M.Srinivasa Vijay Assistant Executive Engineer (R&B) Section, Nidadavole   9440818725
40 Smt Ch.Sankeerthi, Assistant Executive Engineer (R&B) Section, Gopalapuram   9440819238
41 Sri Hari Krishna Assistant Executive Engineer (R&B) Section , Tanuku   9440293869
42 Sri.Ch. Babu Rao Assistant Engineer Neggipudi,Martair 9490612769
43 Sri.T.R.V.Prasad Assistant Engineer Brahmanacheruvu,Penumantra 9440818728
44 M. Prabhakara Rao Assistant Engineer  (R&B) section,  Ganapavaram 9440818727
45 N.V.V. Satyanarayana Assistant Engineer (R&B) section, Nallajerla 9440818730
46 Sri S.Sekhar Babu, Assistant Executive Engineer (R&B) section, Tadepalligudem 9440818729