Juvenile Welfare, Correctional Services and Welfare of Street Children(JWCS&WSC)





I submit that this Home was inaugurated on  14-11-1962  on the eve of Children’s day  by the then Hon’ble Home Minister Sri P. V. Narasimha Rao as Govt. Junior Certified School under provisions of the Andhra Pradesh Children Act, 1925, later the nomenclature of the Home changed as Govt. Juvenile Home for Boys as per the Juvenile Justice Act, 1986, after then   it  was  renamed   as Govt. Children Home for Boys as per the Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act, 2000 and  amended  Act 2006 and  latest   Juvenile  Justice( Care, Protection of Children) Act, 2015 which is presently in force. The Children who  have not completed  18 years of age  and  are in need of care & protection are  lodged in this Home  for the purpose of care, treatment, education, training , development and  rehabilitation. The  present population of this Home is (84) as against the authorized  accommodation of  (300). The jurisdiction of the Home covers Krishna, Guntur and West Godavari districts. The Child Welfare Committee consisting of one chairperson and four other members deal the cases of the children in conflict with law. The Committee shall function as a Bench and shall have the powers conferred by the Cr.P.C., 1973 (2 of 1974) on a Metropolitan Magistrate, or as the case may be, a Judicial Magistrate of  First  Class. The District Magistrate shall be the grievances redressal authority for the Child Welfare Committee.

The Observation (Extension) Home for Boys has  started  its functioning from  31-12-2015  for temporary  reception, care and rehabilitation  of any child  alleged to be in conflict with law, during the pendency  any inquiry of  under Juvenile Justice (C&PC) Act,2015. The Juvenile Justice Board consisting of one Judicial  First  Class Magistrate and two Members (Social Workers) deal the cases of Children in conflict with law. The  Juvenile Justice Board conducting  its proceedings in the Home premises twice in a week i.e.  on Wednesday and Thursday.

A separate building was constructed in the Home premises for the functioning of Child Welfare Committee and Juvenile Justice Board.  One Data Entry Operator for  CWC and  one Date Entry Operator for  JJB are allotted. Computers, Webcams and Printers with Scanners are also provided. Telephone and internet facility is available. The needy Children Conflict with Law are being provided Legal Aid through the Dist Legal Services Authority of West Godavari. The Hon’ble Senior Civil Judge –cum- Secretary, District Legal Services Authority(DLSA), W.G. Dist., Eluru along with  their team i.e. panel of Advocates  are  visiting this Home every month   for observing the facilities providing  for the children.


Year Children Appeared for Open 10th Passed
2014-15 03 03
2015-16 25 15
2016-17 28 17
2017-18 02 00
2018-19 07 02


Last year (2) Boys appeared for regular 10th and they have passed, and subsequently  discharged by the orders of CWC and  they are continuing their studies. In 2017 the Juvenile welfare Department conducted Indoor & Outdoor Games at Vijayawada to all  the children  housed in the Child Care institutions, in that games our children  have  participated and  one boy  by name Shaik Ameer Basha got 1st Prize in Drawing Competition and Moturi Ravi Teja  got 1st Prize in Running competition at State Level  competition from this home. The above Children have also Participated in national level games. In that games  one  boy by name Sk. Ameer Basha got 3rd Prize in Drawing and another boy M. Ravi Teja  got 4th Prize in Running Competition.

P1 P2





We have taken out  120 children  on  6th  October,2018 to see kolleru lake  on the occasion of A.P National Green core organized by Environment, forests,  Science and Technology Department  and we also taken out 117 Children to see  Polavaram project with the help of Hon’ble Collector & Dist. Magistrate, West Godavari District, Eluru on 22-01-2019.






Total Population of Children in the Home as on 19-07-2019 is as follows.



West Godavari Krishna Guntur Other State / Other Country Total
1 46 20 14 06 86


The Home School  which was recognized by Government  for classes 1st to 10th   standard  and the  sanctioned strength of teaching staff is (1) HM, (5) SGTs and (1) PET apart from  (6) Vocational Instructors, in which  except one SGT all posts are vacant. This  year  the SSA has allotted (9) NRSTC Instructors to this Home among that  (8) are for teaching and (1) for PET. The bright and interested children are being  send to outside schools i.e., MPPE School, and ZPH School Sanivarapupeta with the permission of the Child Welfare Committee, the remaining children are studying inside  the Home School and they are also providing computer education.

The class wise Children particulars are as follows….

Class wise particulars of the Children Govt. Children Home for Boys,

Sanivarapupeta, Eluru.

Class Number
1st 05
2nd 03
3rd 02
4th 05
5th 11
6th 16
7th 08
8th 09
9th 08
10th 0
Open 10th 08
Inside Trade (Tailoring, House Wiring ) 11
Reception Unit
Total 86


The Children who are going outside to ZPH School are going without any escort.  Apart from education, Tailoring, House Wiring trades are conducting in this Home  at  present, recreation facilities such as T.V, Projector system, indoor and outdoor Games, Sports are conducting for the Children and library is also available. The Children’s Day and Child Rights Convention Week will be celebrated every year  from 14th November to 20th November   in a befitting manner.  Various programmes are  conducting during that week.












There is (6) bedded Hospital is available in this Home one  Civil Asst. Surgeon is working on   deputation  from Medical & Health Department, (1) Pharmacist and (2) Male Nursing Orderly posts are sanctioned  but  (1) MNO is  only working on  out sourcing. Medicines are being purchased from the District Co-operative Marketing Society, West Godavari, Eluru. Needy cases are being referred to the District Head Quarters Hospital.

The Lions Club of Eluru, Rotary Club of Helapuri, Satya Sai Seva Samithi and Sri Prajapitha Brahma Kumaries and  Philanthropists   are  extending their services  by conducting various programs  for the use  of the Children.  The Simple Organization is conducting moral classes  on every Sunday and offer snacks to the Children.


Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan  has given 09  teachers to this institution for teaching purpose  and also supplied necessary material for preparing Chalk Pieces, Phenyl and also installed a machine for preparing Hand wash and 6 computers  are  given to make it a digitalized Home  in order to  change  the name of this School  as urban digitalized  school. As the Home building is under repairs/renovation  the work given by SSA including digital class room was temporarily stopped.

The Children are preparing Jeevamrutham for cultivation of   plants without chemical fertilizers/ Pesticides.   Vegetables, green leafy vegetables, banana  and  papaya plants are growing in the garden. Swatch Bharat Programme is conducting in this Home every Second Saturday in a month.

An amount of Rs. 90.90 lakh  was allotted to this Home  for the up gradation  of works  such as  Repairs of  building , construction of  Bath Rooms, Construction of compound wall with  barbed fencing, Paintings etc., which are taken up  by A.P Medical & Health  Dept., Presently the work is in progress. Thousand of children were taken shelter and rehabilitated so far. Steps are being taken to modernize the Home as more useful to the children in need of care and protection.


S.No. Name of the post Sanctioned strength


Present working (permanent) No. of vacancies


01 Superintendent 1 1  
02 Deputy Seperintendent 1 1  
03 Case worker 1 1  
04 Civil Asst. Surgeon 1 1  
05 Senior Assistants 2 2  
06 Junior Assistant 1 1  
07 Typist 1 1 OD at Head Office
08 Head master 1 1  
09 Teachers 5 1 4  
10 Physical Educations 1 1  
11 Instructors

Motor Re-winding Instructor

1 1  
Carpentry Instructor 1 1  
Tailoring Instructor 1 1  
House Wiring Instructor 1 1  
Mat weaving Instructor 1 1  
Plumbing Instructor 1 1  
12 Pharmacist Gr-II 1 1  
13 Male Nursing Orderlies 2 2  
14 Senior House Master 1 1  
15 Junior House Master 1 1  
16 Head Supervisors 2 2  
17 Supervisors 18 06(regular) 12 (regular) 1)  M.Suresh kumar OD at OHB Rajahmundry
18 Matron Gr.II 4 1 3  
19 Office Subordinates 2 1 1  
20 Cooks 2 1 1  
21 Dhobi 1 1  
22 Scavenger 2 1 1  
23 Barber 1 1  
  Total 58 18 40  
S.No Name of the post Sanctioned Strength Present working No. of vacancies
(1) (2) (3) (4) (5)
1 Contract Basis Instructors:

Instructor (Counseling)

1 1
2 House Wiring Instructor 2 2
3 Outsourcing Supervisors:


6 6
4 Male Nursing Orderly 1 1



Superintendent, Govt. Children Home for Boys, Sanivarapupeta, Eluru.

Phone No. 9100045414,

Land line No. 08812-250310

Mail Id: