The Agrl.Marketing Department is functioning under the Act Andhra Pradesh (Agrl. Produce & Live Stock) Markets Act,1966 and its objective is as following.

  • To regulate sale and purchase of Agricultural Produce.
  • To declare notified areas and notified Markets.
  • To constitute Market committees for each notified area.
  • To license all the persons intending to Trade in the notified Commodities.
  • To levy Market Fee.
  • To construct Market Yard by creating infrastructure facilities.

In West Godavari District, 18 Agrl.Market Committees i.e., 1.Achanta  2.Akiveedu 3.Attili 4.Bhimadole 5.Bhimadole 6. Chintalapudi 7.Denduluru 8.Eluru 9.Gopalapuram 10.Kovvur 11.Narsapuram 12.Palakole 13.Penugonda 14.Polavaram 15.Tadepalligudem 16.Tanuku 17.Undi 18.Unguturu were established, out of which (10) are Selection Grade (7) Special Grade and (1) Grade-I cadres.  These 18 Agrl.Market Committees are having 58 Check-posts and the main source of Income to the Agrl.Market committees is collection of Market Fee (Levy) on Purchases of notified Agricultural Commodities @ 1%.


  • Rythu Bandhu Pathakam:

      It is an Agricultural Produce pledge loan scheme to avoid distress sales of the farmers and can be advanced at 75% of the produce cost maximum up to Rs.2.00 Lakh at no interest up to 180 days period and nominal interest up to 270 days with 2% interest.18 Market Committees is having in  the district each Market Committee has 2.00 Crores of  funds is proposal for loans to farmers totally 36 Crores has been proposed.

  • Rythu Bhima Pathakam:

It is a insurance scheme and the assured amount is of Rs.1.00 Lakh in case of accidental demise of the farmer or Hamali in the Market Yard.

  • Animal Health Camps (Veterinary):

Animal Health Camps are conducting in Co-ordination of Animal Husbandry Department with the Agrl.Market Committee funds and issuing the Medicines to the Farmers Live Stock. Each Market Committee has been proposed 1.00 Lakhs Budget totally 18.00 Lakhs has been proposed for five Camps in this year.

  • Rythu Bazars:

7 (Seven) Rythu Bazars are functioning in West Godavari District for supporting the leafy and vegetables growing farmers to get a remunerative prices, the Collector & District Magistrate, West Godavari District, Eluru had instructed to establish each Rythu Bazar at every Mandal Head Quarters. Accordingly, 14 (Fourteen) Mini Rythu Bazars are completed and 8 (Eight) under construction. And in 2 (Two) Mandals Site is identified and soon after getting the Administrative Sanction it shall be proposed for construction of Modal Rythu Bazars. The Horticulture Department will supply the items such as Micro Nutrients, Hybrid Seed, Implements, Fertilisers, Pesticides, Sprayers (With highest subsidy), Plastic Crates (High Quality) etc.


Market Fee : Market Fee collections in West Godavari District for the last year.

(Rs.In Lakhs)
Year Target Achievement % Collection
2017-18 8483.00 8000.35 94.31%
2018-19 9242.00 7210.38 78.02%
2019-20 (Upto June) 9362.00 1532.94 16.37%
  • Rythu Bandu Pathakam: A pledge loan scheme to avoid distress sales pledging the stocks of farmers.
Year RBP Advances given to the farmers No.of farmers Benefited through Rythu Bandhu Pathakam
2017-18 814.38 503
2018-19 303.27 232
2019-20 (Upto June) 51.82 39


  • Ripening Chambers : One Ripening Chamber of 20.00 MTs capacity at Jangareddygudem Market Yard with cost Rs.30.00 lakhs (Under RKVY Funds) have been utilizing by the farmers successfully.
  • e -Trading : There are Three Agricultural Market Committees i.e Eluru, Denduluru  and  Gopalapuram are Operating trading through e-NAM Platform (Online Process for bidding)  for the  Commodity “Lemon”  and also Conducting  Awareness Programmes  to the  Farmers  and  also wide Publicity have been  taken  up through Print Media.


  • MARKETInfrastructure :

Infrastructure facilities were created in the market yards for utilization of farmers and also providing MSP Equipment to all the Paddy Procurement Centers in West Godavari District during Khariff and Rabi Seasons every year.

Sl.No Existing
No Capacity in MTs
1 Godowns 106 94310
2 Covered Platforms 47 11600
3 Open Platforms CAP storage 25 16000


KEY CONTACTS (Designation, Phone, Mail id):

S.No Department Name of the Secretary Mobile No Mail Id
1 ADM Sri M.D.V.Srinivasa Rao 9182361265
2 SMA Sri P.Sukumar 9182361463
3 JMA Sri M.Sunil Vinay 9182361457
4 Dy.EE (AM) Sri Y.Srinivasa Rao 9182361197



5 AE Sri P.N.Malleswara Rao 9849127220
6 Work Inspector Sri G.S.Vinod Kumar 630360710
S.No  A.M.C Name of the Secretary Mobile No Mail Id
1 Achanta Sri G.Rajam Raju 9182361202
2 Akividu Sri B. Nageswara Rao 9182361203
3 Attili Sri Shaik Ghouse Basha 9182361202
4 Bhimadole Sri V.Mahendra Nadh 9182361458
5 Bhimavaram Sri R.Jagganadham 9182361203
6 Chintalapudi Sri MDV Srinivasarao 9182361204
7 Denduluru Sri Sk.Meharaj Pasha 9182361205
8 Eluru Sri Ch. Raja Sekhar 9182361203
9 Gopalapuram Sri I.Ramesh 9182361459
10 Kovvur Sri T.Srinivasulu 9182361207
11 Narasapuram Sri V.Rama Krishna 9182361208
12 Palakole Sri V.Rama Krishna 9182361209
13 Penugonda Sri Y.Venkateswara Rao 9182361210
14 Polavaram Sri I.Ramesh 9182361459
15 Tadepalligudem Sri M.N.V.Prabhakararao 9398754437
16 Tanuku Smt V.Soundaryavathi 9182361213
17 Undi Sri B.Ramakrishna 9182361214
18 Unguturu Sri P.Appa Rao 9182361215



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