Medical and Health Department General Information
District Profile
S N Health Institution / Facilities No.
1 District Hospital (DH) 1
2 Area Hospitals (AH) 3
3 Community Health Centres (CHC) 14
4 Primary Health Centres (PHC) 92
5 Sub-centre (SC) 635
6 24X7 MCH Centres 56
a.) Rural Area 42
b.) Tribal Area 14
7 CEMONC Centres 4
8 Post Partum Units (PPU) 3
9 Urban Family Welfare Centres (UFWC) 6
10 Mukhya Mantri Aarogya Kendralu (e-UPHC) 20
11 Special Newborn Care Unit (SNCU) 3
12 Nutritional Rehabilitation Centre (NRC) 1
13 New Born Stabilization Unit (NBSU) 8
14 Medical Mobile Units (104) 22
15 108-EMRI Vehicles 34
16 102-Thalli Bidda Express Vehicles 19
17 Mukhya Mantri Bala Suraksha Vehicles 30
18 Feeder Ambulances (Tribal) 8
19 Mukhya Mantri e-eye Kendralu 12
20 Private Maternity Children Hospitals 207
21 Total Private Hospitals 555
22 Total Labs (Private) 237





  • This scheme is to encourage pregnant women for an institutional delivery in Government Institution which contributes for the reduction of Maternal Mortality and Infant Mortality.
  • Under this schemes payment to the beneficiaries as follows:


Particulars Central


State Share
1 Rural 700 300
2 Urban 600 Nil
3 Home Delivery 500 Nil


  • The benefit will be available to all pregnant women belonging to below poverty line (BPL).
  • The benefit will be available to all pregnant women Irrespective of minimum age.
  • The benefit will be available to all pregnant women giving birth to child irrespective of number of children.


  • The aim of this programme is to Guarantee Free and Cash Less Deliveries including caesarian to all Pregnant Women approaching Public Health Institutions and also Free Treatment to all Sick new-born without any out of pocket expenses till at least 30 days after birth to reduce MMR & IMR.
  • Entitlements & Budget Provision for Pregnant Women :


Free Entitlement Budget Provision
Free Diet

(3 Days in Plain Area and 5 Days in Tribal Area for all Normal Deliveries and 7 Days for all C-Section Deliveries)

Rs. 100/- Per Day

(Free diet will be provided at all Teaching Hospitalsand APVVP hospitals at a cost of Rs.40/- and the shortfall/deficit budget of Rs.60/- can be utilized from JSSK funds to provide the diet to the pregnant women at a cost of Rs.100/-)

Free Drugs and Consumables Rs. 350/- for Normal Delivery

Rs. 1600/- for C-Section Delivery

Rs. 100/- for ANCs (New Item)

Free Essential Diagnostics Rs. 200/- for all Pregnant Women
Free Provision of Blood Rs. 300/- for transfusion of blood for all Pregnant Women
Free Transport from Home to Health Institutions and reverse transport


108 for transport from Home to Health Institution

Thalli Bidda Express for drop back to home


  • Entitlements & Budget Provision for Sick New Born :
Free Entitlement Budget Provision
Free Drugs and Consumables Rs. 200/- for Sick Neonates (Upto 1 Year)
Free Essential Diagnostics Rs. 100/- for Sick Neonates (Upto 1 Year)


  • The broad objectives of HDS are;
  • improve the institutions / hospitals, upgrade the equipment and modernize the health services
  • Ensure discipline in the institutions and supervise the staff
  • Undertake construction and expansion in the hospital buildings
  • Ensure optimal use of hospital land according to government guidelines
  • Improve participation of the committees in the running of the institutions / hospitals
  • Ensure scientific disposal of hospital waste
  • Ensure proper training for doctors and staff
  • Ensure subsidized food, medicines and drinking water to the patients and their attendants
  • Ensure proper implementation of National Health Programs
  • Ensure proper use timely maintenance and repair of institution / hospital equipment and machinery.
  • The Budget provision per annum under HDS as follows:
District Hospital Rs. 10.00 Lakh per annum
Area Hospital Rs.   5.00 Lakh per annum
Community Health Centre Rs.   5.00 Lakh per annum
Primary Health Centre Rs.   1.75 Lakh per annum

Sub-Centre Untied Funds

  • The Objective of this scheme is to provide funds at Gram Panchayat level to meet the requirements for maintenance of sanitation and public health at village level and to improve the facilities at the Sub-Centre level.
  • An amount of 20,000/- for Government Building and Rs.10,000/- for Rented Building will be given to each Sub-Centre per annum and this amount will be deposited in a joint account to be operated by the ANM and Sarpanch.


  • The scheme was started with an objective to improve villager’s participation to maintain quality health to prevent occurrence of the epidemics in the villages.
  •  The Budget provision per annum is Rs. 10,000/- per Gram Panchayat and this amount will be deposited in a joint account to be operated by the ANM and Sarpanch




The Government of India have introduced the Maternity Benefit Programme, named as Pradhan Mantri Matru Vandana Yojana (PMMVY) and it would be implemented in all the districts of the country w.e.f.01.01.2017, in accordance with the provisions of the National Food Security Act, 2013.

Under this programme, a cash incentive of Rs.6000/- in Rural Areas & Rs.5600 in Urban Areas would be provided directly in the account of Pregnant Women and Lactating Mothers (PW&LM) for first living child of the family subject to their fulfilling specific conditions relating to early registration of pregnancy, ANC, institutional delivery in Government approved hospitals and immunization

Objectives of PMMVY:

  1. i) Providing partial compensation for the wage loss in terms of cash incentives so that the woman can take adequate rest before and after delivery of the first living child.
  2. ii) The cash incentive provided would lead to improved health seeking behavior amongst the Pregnant Women and Lactating Mothers (PW&LM).

Target Beneficiaries:

  1. i) All eligible Pregnant Women and Lactating Mothers who have their pregnancy on or after 01.01.2017 for first child in family.
  2. ii) The date and stage of pregnancy for a beneficiary would be counted with respect to her LMP date as mentioned in the MCP card.
Installment Conditions Means of verification Amount
First Installment Early registration of pregnancy (within 100 days from the date of LMP) MCP Card duly certified by officer functionary of health department / not below the rank of ANM Rs 1000/-
Second Installment Received at least one ANC

( can be claimed after 6 months of pregnancy)

MCP Card duly certified by officer functionary of health department / not below the rank of ANM Rs. 2000/-
JSY Institutional delivery in Government facilities MCP card duly certified by facility In-charge Rs. 1000 in rural

areas and Rs.600 in

urban areas


Third Installment Child birth is registered

Child has received first cycle of BCG, OPV,

Pentavalent & Hepatitis –B

MCP Card with immunization details duly by an officer / functionary of Health Department not below the rank of ANMs. Rs.2000/-


Payment to beneficiaries:

All eligible beneficiaries who have applied and complied with the conditionality’s will receive payments through Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) to their individual Bank/ Post Office Accounts that is specified by them in their application form(s) on approval by the competent authority.

  1. Transfer of benefits would be through DBT in Bank/Post Office account only.
  2. No disbursement would be made in the form of “cash” or “cheque”.
  3. Mode of money transfer will be through banks and post offices which are on boarded on PFMS.

Beneficiary application process:

The Beneficiary details have to be filled in Form- 1A – First Installment; Form-1B – Second Installment and Form-1C – Third Installment i.e., Registration and Submission of claims (ANM has to fill these formats in coordination with AWWs / ASHAs and submit to Supervisor, after reviewing Supervisor has to submit to the Medical Officer for further process. The Beneficiary application form is herewith enclosed.

Data Entry and Sanctioning process:

  • In Data entry and Sanctioning process of the beneficiary application in TBC-PMMVY programme, there are two user-id & passwords:
    • In Data entry process, the collected beneficiary applications by the Supervisors would be entered in the PMMVY Website with the Data Manager / Data Entry Operator at the PHC by using Data Entry username and password.
    • In Sanctioning process, the entered details of the beneficiary will be verified by the Medical Officer and approved for further process of payment in Sanctioning authority username and password.
    • The server will verify the details of the beneficiary i.e., Aadhaar details of the Beneficiary and Husband; Bank details and Aadhaar link up with Bank account or not.
    • If all the details i.e., Aadhaar and Bank details of the beneficiary are verified at Server and correct, the Installment amounts will be credited to the Beneficiary bank account directly through PFMS website.
    • The Data Entry and Sanctioning Authority is being done at all Primary Health Centres and Mukyamantri Aarogya Kendralu Centres.
    • The Data Entry of the applications started from December,2017.




S.N. Type of Area ELA – No. of PMMVY beneficiaries from Jan,17 to June,19 Entered as on 27-07-2019

 10:20 AM

Difference %
1 Rural 48336 46090      2246 95
2 Tribal 3161 2939 222 93
3 Urban 9809 8945      864 91
  TOTAL 61306 57628 3332 95



S.N. Installment Particulars No. of Cases paid as on      27-07-2019
1 First Installment @ Rs.1,000/- per case No. of Cases 53,203
Amount Distributed 5,32,03,000
2 Second Installment @ Rs.2000/- per case No. of Cases 49,075
Amount Distributed 9,81,50,000
3 Third Installment @ Rs.2000/- per case No. of Cases 36,003
Amount Distributed 7,20,06,000
Total Amount Distributed 22,33,59,000

(Rupees Twenty Two Crores Thirty Three Lakhs and Fifty Nine Thousand only)

The amounts will be paid directly to the beneficiaries bank accounts from the Commissioner of Health & Family Welfare, Andhra Pradesh, Vijayawada through Direct Benefit Transfer.



Sl. No. Name of the Officer Designation Mobile Number
1 Dr.B.Subrahmanyeswari District Medical & Health Officer 9949623985
2 Dr.K.Suchitra Additional District Medical & Health Officer & Divisional Officer, Eluru Division 9704929349
3 Dr.G.Ratna Kumari Additional District Medical & Health Officer (AIDS & LEPROSY) 9849654064
4 Dr.G.Ratna Kumari District Tuberculosis Control Officer (DTCO) (i/c) 9849654064
5 Dr.G.Sailaja Deputy District Medical & Health Officer, Kovvuru & Divisional Officer, Kovvuru Division 9440779022
6 Dr.G.Padmajarani Deputy District Medical & Health Officer, Narsapur 9490350434
7 Dr.Murali Krishna Deputy District Medical & Health Officer, K.R.Puram (i/c) & Divisional Officer, Jangareddigudem, Kukkunuru Division 9381290124
8 Dr.G.Padmajarani District Immunization Officer (i/c) 9490350434
9 Dr.K.Suresh Babu Project Officer, District Training Team (i/c) 8978457744
10 Dr.Murali Krishna District  Malaria Officer (i/c) 8247423747
11 Dr.K.V.Rama Krishna Divisional Officer, Narsapur (i/c) 9000006644
12 Dr.B.Trinadh Reddy District Programme Management Officer – NHM (i/c) 7799483133
13 Sri.Sd.Mouiyuddin District Extension & Media Officer (i/c) 9849514367
14 Dr.P.Kishore Administrative Officer (i/c) 9642229444
15 Sri.P.D.V.Prasada Rao Statistical Officer (FWP) 9110741977
16 Sri.K.Srinivasa Rao Statistical Officer (UIP) 9963328166
17 Dr.K.Suresh Babu District Coordinator, Rashtriya Bala Suraksha Karyakram 8978457744
18 D.Nagamani District Public Health Nursing Officer 8121549931
19 I.Manoramma District Public Health Nursing Officer (Training) 8985436743
20 A.Yobu Service Engineer 9849152219